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Daily injections of hCG, or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, are of vital importance to the process of the hCG diet. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy. This hormone, given in small amounts, has been associated through research with weight loss.

43 Day Program

23 Day Program

So combined with a VLCD (very low calorie diet) of 500 calories, daily hCG injections can assist individuals in losing an average of 1 pounds per day and reach healthier and more manageable weight zones more quickly.

HCG injections are given each day for a period between 23 and 43 days depending on the weight loss desired by the individual. Those wishing to lose 20 lbs. or less normally undergo treatment for 23 days, with the 500 calorie limit being continued for 3 additional days after all hCG injections have been administered. This is to ensure the ability to maintain weight loss once the
treatment is complete.

Metabolic Fat Burners B12- Lipotropic injections

HCG Clinic GJ is now offering the fabulous healthy, and energy producing lipotropic injections which are medically indicated for weight loss. These injections assist the breakdown of fats by stimulating the liver and optimizing metabolism. Supporting the liver aids digestion, this in turn will support the breakdown of fats. Your unwanted toxic fat then dissolves naturally, exiting the body. This solution is much more desirable than undergoing invasive procedures such as liposuction.

Compounded by a highly reputable pharmacy, here are the main ingredients within our lipotropic injections:

Vitamin B-12 is a necessary nutrient for proper nervous system function. Many people are deficient in this vitamin but those who supplement on a regular basis, report more energy, and a healthier stronger immune system.

Vitamin B-6 (Inositol) is instrumental in breaking down fat molecules and reducing cholesterol in the body. It is also associated with proper insulin function which is necessary for utilization of carbohydrates.

Choline- is essential for fat metabolism and also assists in detoxification of the liver. Choline is often taken as a form of 'smart drug, research suggests that memory; intelligence and mood are improved by adequate levels of Choline.

Methionine- Methionine assists in the breakdown of fats in the body, thereby preventing buildup of fatty deposits in the blood vessels which cause coronary artery disease and blockages in other parts of the body. It is also instrumental in helping to detoxify the liver of the toxins that the liver normally removes from the circulating blood.

So you see, the better our liver functions, the more effective our digestion, and then the better our elimination with the breakdown of unwanted fat. We can now anticipate achieving our weight loss goals and finally experience becoming lean and more energetic. (By the way, these nutrients help our memory as well). We at Meditrim4life offer a comprehensive holistic program. We truly look forward to working with you!

Price: 1 Injection - $25 | 5 Injections - $100

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