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The Last Diet You Will Ever Need!

In 1954, Dr. Simeons discovered that a natural hormone found in the body called human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) could accelerate fat mobilization from certain areas of the body, if combined with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). HCG has the effect of "unlocking" the body's fat stores so that the metabolism can burn these energy reserves to power daily bodily functions. This in turn helps to maintain one's muscle mass during weight loss. Healthy dietary lifestyle changes begin to increase the bodyÕs metabolism, which can then more efficiently metabolize and remove body fat with the help of hCG.


HCG may also help to reshape the body's fat deposits, particularly targeting the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, neck and face. It has also been suggested the hCG plays a role in establishing a new weight "set point" for the body, making one less likely to return to one's previous body weight.

Those who have been taken hCG while dieting, report that it is easy to stay on the diet and they seem to lose inches rapidly from the primary fat stores, in particular: the belly, buttocks, and thighs. There have been no reported adverse
side effects to this substance.

Interestingly, because hCG does protect the structural fat, wrinkles if any, may be reduced. The treatment does not deplete the subcutaneous or other essential fat stores, therefore the face retains its freshness and natural appearance. Double chins, protruding stomachs and fat around the thighs should be the first to go.

The FDA states that, "HCG is a hormone extracted from the urine of pregnant women. It is approved by the FDA for the treatment of certain problems of the male reproductive system and in stimulating ovulation in women who have had difficulty becoming pregnant. No evidence has been presented, however, to substantiate claims for HCG as a weight-loss aid." This is absolutely true if homeopathic hCG is taken, or the entire protocol is not followed.

No other weight loss program addresses and corrects low metabolism, intense and constant hunger, or emotional eating and food cravings.

Popular Questions About HCG


Will my metabolism slow down if I am on a low calorie diet?
It is true that normally when cutting back on calories and fat, our bodies can store fat and our metabolism can slow down. This happens because fat is really a life-saving source of stored energy.

Can I exercise daily?
No exercise! Or if you must exercise, low key exercise only. You can do about 20 min. of walking a day and a few sit ups or push-ups if you feel that is needed. Exercise burns calories and therefore causes your hunger to increase. The combination of low calorie intake and exercise could cause your body to go into starvation mode. So take it easy.

The HCG diet is low calorie, will I get hungry?
It is common to feel mild hunger during the first few days. This will pass and by the second week you will find your servings to be satisfying. Our homeopathic HCG Diet Direct¨ weight loss formula has been created to help support the body
during weight loss.

Can I Drink Alcohol on the HCG Diet?
It has found that some dieters whom craved alcohol before starting the diet do well on the HCG diet plan. If the simple instructions are followed correctly on our weight loss plan, we've received feedback where dieters say they don't even feel the need to drink while on the HCG diet because.

Is HCG safe for men?
The HCG hormone is naturally present in men. It is found in every human tissue, including males, pregnant women, and non-pregnant women. Based on our customer results, men report faster results and tend to
lose more weight than women.

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